About Laura-Jean

Laura-Jean Bernhardson is the CEO and founder of Fresh Collective which has three locations in Toronto and an online store. Fresh Collective is a fashion retail company specializing in Canadian designers. She is also the co-owner of Rowanwood Daycare

Over her 20+ year career as an entrepreneur, Laura-Jean has also been a fashion and jewellery designer, produced and sold a DVD called How to Knit with Laura-Jean, co-hosted a TV show about entrepreneurship on TVO called $tarting Up, and worked closely with over 200 emerging designers through her business Fresh Collective.

She has a deep passion for entrepreneurship and for what good systems do for a small business. As a business coach, she draws on her wealth of experience from running her various businesses, and has a great understanding of the entrepreneurial personality. She loves to combine the art and science of business- matching the passion entrepreneurs bring to their businesses with the structures and systems that allow that passion to shine through in a thriving business.

One of her favourite things in the whole world is talking to other entrepreneurs about business, and she has a talent for seeing possibilities where others may not. 

Aside from running her businesses and her business coaching practice, Laura-Jean is active in fundraising to bring various Syrian refugee families to Canada, and is known as the founder of The Clothing Drive for Syrian Refugees in Toronto. She is also on the board of Fashion Group International.

With all that going on, she still enjoys time with her family, date nights and time for herself. 

How is this possible? 

She has learned how to create, implement and monitor systems in her businesses so that all areas are running smoothly.

And that understanding is what she brings to her coaching clients.


"I absolutely love having my own businesses! It has allowed me to live a completely created life, always being able to fill my days doing things I love. I get to be endlessly creative and continue to learn and master new skills.

I've also weathered dark times and been challenged to my very core. Those times have provided the most growth. 

I find business coaching very inspiring and fulfilling as I get to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and help them with whatever's in the way as they move their business to the next level.

All my hard won lessons can help someone else quickly get on the right path to success and peace of mind as they build the business of their dreams."