Getting a TV Series Off the Ground!

Posted by Laura-Jean Bernhardson on 2017 Mar 12th

One of the things I LOVE most about entrepreneurship is how it allows people a chance to just make things happen and have control over their careers.

Valerie Buhagiar is an actor, writer and director who is now part of a team launching a TV Series called Life Coach. 

The show is a co-creation between Valerie and Steve Singh (musician, hilarious human and my ex-husband) and the team is competing for funding through the Independent Production Fund.

I was excited to interview her about the process of creating a series, what drives her creatively and how the team plans to fund the production, especially given how expensive that process is. 

We met in her home, which happens to be the set of Life Coach, and the set of several of her films.

Here's the 7 minute interview with Valerie:

And here's the trailer for the series Life Coach! 

To support this show and help it get made, you can:

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In an upcoming blog we'll be chatting with Kelli Kylie, the producer who is driving the business part of this project. 

She's the one responsible for getting the funding and making it all work!