Get Started Package

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Get Started Package

Whether you have written a formal business plan or have your plan in your head or scribbled on napkins, a plan is a necessary ingredient for success. 

This package is perfect for getting you started off on the right foot, whether you're up and running or still in the planning stages.

It includes 2 one hour phone meetings and a thorough review of your business plan.

Laura-Jean will make recommendations on your strategy, your priorities, pricing, positioning, branding as well as anything else that may come up as important.

The goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls and wrong turns that can waste valuable time and precious money and resources.

Going in the right direction from the start can save you years, buckets of money and tears. Knowing you have a solid plan will help you sleep at night!


Who is this best for:

Anyone who is thinking of starting a small business, or in the starting stages, can benefit from coaching to make sure their plan is as complete as possible.


All coaching is done over the phone.

A schedule will be sent after you purchase so you can pick a time that works for you. Daytime, evenings and weekend appointments are available.

Small businesses best suited for Laura-Jean's coaching include:

  • a small retail shop
  • a service based home business
  • a handmade craft or design business
  • a small manufacturing business
  • a solopreneur looking to grow
  • etc.

 Please review the policies on the policies page for more information.