Why Am I Really Doing This?! Package

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Why Am I Really Doing This?! Package

It's very common at some point to wonder why the heck you're doing your business.

In the beginning, you have a dream of how it's going to be to have your own business, and at a certain point, those dreams may seem more like a nightmare. When you have bills to pay, fires to put out, money to worry about, unhappy customers and all the other things that can go wrong, it's easy to lose sight of the dream.

In other cases, the work may have just become work, and as much as the business is going fine, it's not exciting anymore. It's just a job.

These 2 one hour sessions are a deep dive into the WHY of your business. We'll explore your vision, where you're at and what's in your way.

Sometimes, a rebranding is in order to re-ignite your passion to position your business more in line with you core values.

Other times, starting to target a new client base may create the meaning you're seeking.

Perhaps it's time for new creative challenges you can build into your business.


"This is my favourite kind of coaching work. These are very creative and exciting conversations where we can look at what vision of your business would light your fire, even when it feels like you've lost your way.

We talk about what inspires you most, what contribution would be meaningful to you, your strengths and what you love doing most. Then we look at how to incorporate all that into a business that is uniquely YOURS and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to get to work!" ~ Laura-Jean


The goal is a smoothly operating systematized business that doesn't depend on you putting out fires all the time! 


Who is this best for:

This is best for an entrepreneur with an up-and-running business that doesn't excite you anymore (or maybe never did). It's become a routine, or an endless series of headaches.

This overview will help you choose your priorities of what to work on developing in your business next and help you see how systems and standards help a business run smoothly.

All coaching is done over the phone.

A schedule will be sent after you purchase so you can pick a time that works for you. Daytime, evenings and weekend appointments are available.

Small businesses best suited for Laura-Jean's coaching include:

  • a small retail shop
  • a service based home business
  • a handmade craft or design business
  • a small manufacturing business
  • a solopreneur looking to grow
  • etc.

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