For over 30 years, I’ve lived my entrepreneurial dreams, evolving from a novice business owner into a seasoned mentor and coach for women entrepreneurs.

My journey has been full of learning, adapting, and growing—not just businesses, but myself and the amazing women I work with.




My entrepreneurial path began in the early ’90s when I launched my first business—a knitwear line that grew from a tiny startup into a 7-figure fashion empire. 

Alongside my fashion business, I co-founded a licensed daycare and became a business coach. 

No matter the venture, themes of creativity, community, and bringing joy into people’s lives have always been my focus.


I coach

Through decades of running my own businesses, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship isn’t only about making sales or scaling up—it can be a route to freedom, fun, and making a difference in our communities. 

But entrepreneurship can also be lonely, terrifying, and risky—something I know all too well from my own share of dark times along the road.

Knowing that my experiences—good and bad—could help other women entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls, create more profit, and reach their goals faster is what drives me to coach.

I believe that more successful women entrepreneurs help smash the patriarchy. I want you to succeed at the business of your dreams because it makes the world a better place.

My coaching philosophy

My approach combines over 30 years of business experience with a deep understanding of the personal challenges women face in the entrepreneurial world.

I focus on...

Strategic planning

Building a solid foundation and a clear path forward.


Encouraging confidence and decision-making from a place of strength.

Creative problem solving

Using innovation to overcome obstacles.

Joyful entrepreneurship

Ensuring your business brings you personal as well as professional satisfaction.

Let's work


Whether you’re a solopreneur just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand, I offer personalized coaching that aligns with your unique business needs and life goals. 

Together, we’ll craft a plan that not only drives your business forward but also fulfills your personal aspirations.