Boldly Showing Up Online – Are you ready to do it?

Too many women entrepreneurs are hiding out online! Are you one of them?

They’re afraid to post selfies. They don’t like the way they look in pictures and videos. They don’t know how to take a good selfie, or what to say in a video. And they hope they can get away with never having to learn how to do it.

I wonder how much of it is conditioning? Are men holding themselves back in the same way? (Probably not.)

Regardless, it’s a huge problem for women. For many, it’s the MAIN REASON they aren’t getting the clients they want.

I see women posting stock photos or graphics but that’s not likely going to get you clients. If it’s working for you – great!

If it’s not – consider this. YOU are your best business asset. Your knowledge, passion and desire to make a difference for people is why you went into business in the first place. People love that. They want to see you, hear your story and understand your expertise before they will buy from you.

I spoke with a nutrition coach recently who was posting lots of pictures of food and facts about what to eat. But that wasn’t getting her clients, and I know exactly why.

She was nowhere in her content. Yet – by definition – her ideal client is someone who wants some handholding, and to be guided through a customized process by a trusted advisor.

There’s a disconnect between posting food pictures and nutrition tips which serves a self-researching DIY person, when your ideal client IS NOT that.

This coach could make a huge difference in her results but showing herself daily talking about nutrition, showing her authority and expertise. She would be demonstrating her coaching style in the way she talks, the energy she gives off and the information she presents.

Her ideal client would have the chance to actually see and experience what working with her would be like, and decide if she is the right nutrition coach for her.

After all, it is her coaching that she’s selling.

I spoke with my friend Ann DeLuca, Confidence Coach for Women, about showing up boldly online, and she shared some tips about it.

Grab a coffee or tea and settle in for this 12 minute interview. It includes a challenge – if you’re inspired to start posting selfies or videos on instagram because of this video, tag us so we can come and cheer you on in the comments! Our handles are below.

I really hope this video is giving you some confidence to start showing up online more boldly!

Remember to tag Ann and me as you show up online in your selfies and videos!


Need a little more support to get started showing up online?

In my group Ladies’ Creative Collaboration Society, we’re practicing showing up online with more confidence, starting with the Selfie Challenge running from May 6 to May 12.

It’s free and fun – and the LCCS group is a safe and supportive place to practice.

Learn how to take a great selfie and show up powerfully online on your social channels and in Facebook groups. Come join our selfie challenge here.


Hi, I’m Laura-Jean, a business coach with over 20+ years of experience and a passion for helping women thrive in their businesses. 

I believe in blending strategy with passion to help you build not just a business, but a lifestyle you love. 

With a mix of practical wisdom, personalized guidance, and a big scoop of creative joy, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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